From overseas acquisitions to mutual construction - Kew Green Hotels to set up regional offices in Hong Kong


(Hong Kong, May 2017) HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd.'s British brand Kew Green Hotels Limited (here in after referred to as "KGH") will set up regional offices in Hong Kong. Mr. Stephen Woodhouse, former district operations manager of KGH will take up the position of managing Hong Kong's regional office.


KGH Hong Kong's regional office will be responsible for improving and standardizing brand management, revenue, finances, operations, and IT for HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd's five Grand Metropark and Kew Green Hotels already in Hong Kong and Macao. The establishment of KGH Hong Kong Regional Office has been done to deepen KGH's management advantages by way of international exchange of outstanding talent. This will strengthen the overall management level and quality of HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. and further enhance the value of assets which belong to HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd.


In August 2015, HK CTS Co., Ltd. successfully acquired all shares of the UK's second largest third party hotel management company, KGH. As KGH's sole shareholder, the company now has ownership of 44 hotels in the U.K. and manages an additional 11 other hotels. HK CTS Co., Ltd. has successfully entered the British hospitality and lodging market. By successfully completing an overseas merger and acquisition, HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. has not only added to the value of our concrete assets but also benefits from the cultural exchange of a mixed Chinese and British team. When it comes to brand and culture, service and management, organization and personnel, systems and business models and other aspects of interoperability:


A multinational Chinese and British team will be better able to completely create a modern British styled luxury brand--the research and construction of Kew Green's flagship hotel along the riverside in Wanchai. Furthermore, a cooperative project with Britain's West London University is being set up for Sino-British Hotel Management Training Exchange; the management program's pilot project will involve setting up a Chinese restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Liverpool. The Sino-British team's dedication to unceasing dedication to furthering cooperation means that, as of 2017, the talented Heinz Skalnik (former KGH England Flagship Hotel general manager) was appointed by HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. as general manager of Grand Metropark Hotel Nanjing.


"As the second largest third-party hotel management company in the UK, KGH is a professional hotel management platform and an excellent asset," said Mr. Chen Rong, CTS Group Assistant to the General Manager and HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. Chairman. "The establishment of the KGH Hong Kong Regional Office by HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. not only gives full play to KGH's management advantages, it also prepares for the later development of domestic Chinese third party hotel management and, at the same time, lays a solid foundation for expanding the scale of HK CTS in global management."


Furthermore, Alex Pritchard, CEO of Kew Green Hotels Limited, said: "During the year when CTS completely aquired KGH, both sides achieved a win-win result. We are very pleased with the Hong Kong China Travel Service's achievements in the domestic Chinese market, and we believe that along with Hong Kong China Travel we will further enhance business development in China, in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. "


HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Travel Service Group Corporation, and currently have four hotel brands: Grand Metropark Hotels, Metropark Hotels, Kew Green Hotels, and Traveler Inn. At present, the company has taken ownership of more than 140 hotels all over the world with a total of about 32,000 guest-rooms . The company owns hotels in more than 30 British cities including London, Leeds, Birmingham, Lincoln, Portsmouth and Brighton, and over 40 cities in China, including Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Chongqing. It also manages one hotel in Africa and one hotel in Australia.

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