Northern China's "Ice City's" New Landmark—— HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to open the Grand Metropark Hotel Harbin Foreign Language City


(Beijing, May 2017) Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, is an important manufacturing base and one of the most important cities in China's northeastern region. Harbin is the heart of Northeast Asia. Known as the "Pearl of the Eurasian Continental Bridge", it is the first city on the Eurasian Continental Bridge and an important air hub. It is also a historical and cultural city, hot tourist city and international ice and snow city. As part of national strategic positioning, this Northeast Asian Regional City, Russian Cooperative Partner is being developed as a open city.


At the beginning of early summer, HK CTS Hotel Co., Ltd. and Beijing Linda Investment Group signed a fully entrusted management contract for the Grand Metropark Hotel Harbin Foreign Language City. The hotel is situated at the high end of Harbin's tourism resort market and will actively promote the development and construction of local tourism resources, creating a theme of "international global tourism" as a primary characteristic of the tourism destination.


Grand Metropark Hotel Harbin Foreign Language City is a luxurious five-star hotel with dining, recreational facilities, conference rooms, and a fitness center. The total construction of the area will be about 18,000 square meters. Plans call for 300 rooms and suites as well as a complete suite of facilities such as a coffee shop, restaurants, business center, and gym.


The Harbin Linda Foreign Language City project is located in the University City core area of Harbin's Limin Development Zone on Xueyuan Road. It will be 500 meters south of the (under construction) Metrol Line 2 Xueyuan Road Station Exit. With a total land area of 17 hectares and investment of 30 billion Chinese yuan renminbi, the project's construction area will cover about 300,000 square meters. The project will be a mosaice of cultural and artistic industries including education, tourism, media, and business. With nine fashionable themes, the project focuses on building a comprehensive foreign language ecological experience city.


Linda Foreign Language City aims to create an integrated learning scene for the majority of language learning enthusiasts with a good foreign language learning environment, where students need neither a visa nor a long distance flight to fully experience a foreign language learning environment. In order to further this goal and to build an excellent tourist destination, Linda Foreign Language City will be divided into nine regions including the UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Morroco, and Asia. In each region the architecture and landscape will reflect the country which it is inspired by for a rich and exotic environment Finally, in order to enhance visitors' experience and the sense of being overseas, there will be unique and exotic live performances and streetside tourism products.

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