Kew Green Hotels by HK CTS Launched the World’s First Hotel in Hong Kong


Fully saturated in the vibes of a British style, Kew Green Hotels embarks you on a journey where entry luxe fills your experience upon arrival. In delicacy and simplicity comes a great leisure and comfort of life. Nov 29th 2016, Kew Green Hotels byHK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd launched its first hotel in Wanchai Hong Kong. More than 50 clients and partners attended to celebrate the launching of Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong.


Successfully rebranded from Metropark Hotel, Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kongis the world’s first Kew Green Hotel by HK CTS. The launching of Kew Green Wanchai started Kew Green Hotelsglobal development journey. After the successful acquisition of KEW GREEN GROUP LIMITED in 2015, the Chinese and English company team have started research and development of Kew Green Hotels brand. Kew Green Hotels aims to create a British atmospheric hotel brand that positions at entry luxe to meet consumers’ aspiration of current trends and personalized high-quality accommodation experiences. Through cross-border cooperation with world-leading designers, Kew Green Hotels combines a first-class quality hotel with cutting-edge fashion trends to introduce international art and style into the China Market.


Guests travel experience does not stop at Kew Green Hotels, on the contrary, they will have the chance to perceive glamorous visual art, obtain affordable luxury experience to enjoy a lifestyle infused with culture, art and individuality.


“The property of Kew Green Hotel Wanchai was held by our CTS Group in 1986. It has seen the development progress of Hong Kong in the past 30 years. We will continue to feature this historical property with modern contemporary design, technological equipment, and professional hotel services. We hope our guests could feel the Kew Green Hotels brand value, experiencing the destination’s culture. ”Mr. Chen Rong, Assistant General Manager of CTS (HK) Group, Chairman of HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd. remarked.“In the coming 2017, we will continue to upgrade our mainland properties to Kew Green Hotels in Beijing and Suzhou.”


“We are very delighted to see the launching of world’s first Kew Green Hotel.”Remarked by Jamie Lamb, Executive Chairman of KEW GREEN GROUP LIMITED.“Kew Green Hotels is the brainchild of both Chinese and English teams in close collaboration. We are looking forward to its performance in China and global hotel market.”


“As the world’s first Kew Green Hotel, we will bring out the best of the brand spirit. Like our customers, our staffs also love travel, fashion and leisure. Kew Green Hotels cares her staffs just like her staffs love her. We deliver our natural hospitality to guests from the bottom of our hearts and they will love us in return. ” remarked by Mr. Evan Chiu, General Manager of Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong.


Backed by CTS HK Group, the largest travel group in China, HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd. owns 4 hotel brands including Grand Metropark Hotels, Metropark Hotels, Kew Green Hotels and Traveler Inn. The company now has nearly 140 hotels with approximately 30,000 rooms in 4 countries. In the UK, it covers more than 30 locations such as London, Leeds, Birmingham, Lincoln, Portsmouth and Brighton and so on. In Greater China we have hotels in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing and others more than 40 cities, one hotel in Australia and one hotel in Africa.

Located in an upscale and vibrant neighborhood with business convention venues and sightseeing spots a convenient distance away, the great array of contemporary, spacious guestrooms at Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong are meticulously designed with the finest touch to offer an elite lifestyle for the central business district. Each and every staff is well-versed in catering to our guests’ needs the most courteous way.


In order to present its brand spirit and carve out a niche in future market, Kew Green Hotels will initially specialize in property holding and management output, providing franchise operation in key destinations.

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