Boao state guesthouse is in order to meet the state during the boao Asia BBS activities and the central leadership of reception of the demand of the leaders, both daily high-profile reception service, directed by hainan provincial government, with characteristic of hainan's best state guesthouse, and by the hk hotel management co., LTD.

    State guesthouse located hainan boao longtan ridge mountain foothills, covers an area of 400 acres, adjacent to the permanent site of boao Asia BBS, looked wan quan river, Long Gunhe, JiuQuJiang sanjiang estuary, is the \"mountain state guesthouse\" unique hainan island.Buildings from the 1st floor, tower, tower 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 floor, tower, the 9th floor, multi-functional conference area eight building monomer building composition and so on.State guesthouse by Beijing architectural design institute, HBA Singapore companies in the United States and Hong Kong company AECOM ellerbe becket respectively as construction, interior decoration and landscape design, with international standards to hainan amorous feelings show incisively and vividly.

    The 1st floor building area of 6600 ㎡, with a presence chamber, av room, enjoy private swimming pool and fitness entertainment facilities such as;The 5th floor is equipped with a large space of the senses, used to receive the VIP ambassador hall and covers an area of 1700 ㎡ outdoor parade;Can meet the needs of multi-function meeting all kinds of meeting area, construction area of 9915 ㎡, the boao hall is 1200 ㎡, is the second after the great hall of the people have indoor parade hotel, can meet the demand of heads of state politicians reception.

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